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Photo Gallery: 95th St. Anthony’s Feast

The 10 hour Grand Procession for the 95th St. Anthony’s Feast  began midday on Sunday, August 31, 2014 in glorious fashion.  In this photo gallery from the start of the procession, the statue emerges from its feast chapel with seven bands accompanying the society members that carry Sant’ Antonio through the neighborhood streets in Boston’s North End. The “Feast of all Feasts,” as described by National Geographic, is organized by San Antonio di Padova da Montefalcione, Inc., also known as the St. Anthony’s Club. Also shown are photos from Opening Night of the feast with the traditional blessing on Endicott Street. See more from the St. Anthony’s Feast.

(Photos by Matt Conti – See high resolution images.)

 Confetti rains over St. Anthony

 Boston Mayor Marty Walsh pins a donation on the statue of St. Anthony

 Making a window donation

 St Anthony Procession

 Dante and Justin

 Parading the statue of St Anthony on N Margin St

 Devotion to Saint Anthony

 Bosco Family

 Girl pins a donation on St Anthony

 Calendar for St Anthony

 Photographer Jeffrey Tamagini ready to go

 The boys ring the St. Stephen Church bell

 St Anthony on the Prado

 St Anthony Procession on Charter St

 Bonetti confetti rains on Hull Street


 St Anthony Procession turns on to Snow Hill Street

 Protecting the heads from confetti

 Prince Street Leo greets Saint Anthony

 Francine and Connie

 Saint Anthony arrives on Hanover Street

 Taking a picture on Clark St

 Taking a break

 Gannon Family

 Raining confetti

 Watching from a Prince St window

 Posing with St Anthony

 Joyce Stephens watches St. Anthony from a Cleveland Place balcony

 Olivia with a devotion to her parents


 (L-R) Lilian, Marie "ReRe", Vivien and Michele

 NEWNC President Philip Frattaroli and State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz

 Filippo Frattaroli pinning a donation on St. Anthony

 Paul D

 St. Anthony

 Shiny Wet Festa

 Statue of St. Anthony arrives at Endicott St. on the final night


 Melissa Ann and Mariano Benzo - Honorary Members from New York

 Society members take a photo on Morton St

 Inside Pizzeria Regina

 Carrying on Endicott Street

 St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 Jason Aluia announces the feast open

 Fr. Claude at St. Anthony

 The statue of St. Anthony emerges

 Crowds at St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 St. Anthony Statue outside the Club

 On Endicott Street St. Anthony

 MMB Jr. at St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 Carrying on Endicott Street

 St. Anthony

 Walking with St. Anthony on Opening Night

 Devotees of St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 Posing with St. Anthony

 Opening night crowds

 (L-R) Dave, Joe and Jason from the Feast Committee

 Honoring St. Anthony

 St. Anthony

 MIchele Tirella

 St. Anthony at the feast chapel

 Dancing at St. Anthony

 Saint Anthony Blessed Oil

 Leading the procession

 Michael Bonetti cheers on from fire escape

(Photos by Matt Conti – See high resolution images.)