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RUFF Gets an Early Start on Spring Cleaning in the North End

Taking part in the monthly RUFF cleanup, from the left, Jake, Amy Hand, Erin McNamara, Anya Potter, and David Goggins. (Photo by Matt Conti)

As they do every month, the RUFF group was out on Sunday morning for a neighborhood cleanup. Now that most of the snow has melted, this is the worst time of year for litter and poop on the streets and in the parks. Despite the filth, I caught them smiling here after having collected several bags of trash from the Charter Street park.

RUFF stands for Responsible Urbanites for Fido and has become an effective advocacy group for dog owners in the North End. Check out their Facebook page for the latest on upcoming meetings and events.

Also in canine breaking news, the Boston Parks department has approved a proposal for five “rotating” off leash dog recreation areas on Boston Common at the request of the Friends of the Public Garden and Common Canine. The groups will now move forward in raising money to establish and maintain the recreation areas and to restore damaged turf. Areas will be designated by signs, not fences, and it is estimated that 12-30 dogs will use the spaces during the designated 5 hour periods of operation. Read more.

6 Replies to “RUFF Gets an Early Start on Spring Cleaning in the North End

  1. Ruff is the real deal. They walk the walk and talk the talk. and have provided a real benefit to the North End. Groups like Ruff, prove that a committed amount of time from a dedicated Group makes a difference.

    Spring is in the air, Time to think about giving back to our incredible community. Imagine the difference that 1hr from each neighbor would mean in maintaining the North End .

    The input is small, the output huge. Spring forward and make a difference.

    1. I walk the North End everyday and all I do is dodge dog poop on the sidewalks. Those Blue bags are thrown in doorways, in gutters, and sidewalks Why don’t The Ruff people take a walk around Cooper St. Endicott St. or Any other side streets in the North End! Its really sickening. Springtime is coming! Children are still getting poop on their shoes down the North End little league Park, Forget The Polcari Playground on Prince St.(Gassy) That needs a bulldozer to come in. Dogs are taken in there early every morning. and the answer is My Dog doesn’t!read (the signs that are posted) NO DOGS ALLOWED What does that mean? Please get after those dog people. Thanks

      1. @Corinne
        It’s a shame you choose to focus on only on the negative. Everything you say is correct, it is sickening. So how does yelling at responsible dog owners help that? RUFF’s volunteers are not responsible for cleaning the streets any more than you are. And there is a lot more than dog crap on the ground. Maybe you should call City Hall or get out there yourself.

        I’m not a dog owner, but I appreciate the effort put in by this group.

        1. I am a Senior Citizen If it sounded like i was yelling its just that its very annoying, Don’t you think that Ruff should make an effort or put up sign’s to other dog owners so that it doesn’t make them look bad in their efforts to try and do a good job. Yes I have spoken to City Hall and no I am not able to clean streets now that’s negative. I guess you haven’t lived here very long Please don’t respond back its noncense

  2. I agree, the bags are everywhere. It is disgusting. I thoroughly appreciate RUFFs members taking responsibility for all dog owners (including the irresponsible ones) by cleaning up. Maybe the organization can petition the city for trash barrels in high traffic dog areas like the Charter St. Playground and the Slide Park. Maybe if the rude and disrespectful dog owners had a place to dispose of the bags, we wouldn’t find them all over the place.

  3. What I find amazing is some dog owners actually take the time to pick up after their dog and then don’t take the time to find a trash barrel to put it in…a barrel which is on just about every corner in the neighborhood. You’ve done the hard part…now just throw it away in a barrel!

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