2 Replies to “Bartlett Place Design Improvements Public Meeting on February 28, 2013

  1. I think it is a Great Idea that the City is trying to clean up
    Bartlett Place, but it should be done with the intentions
    of providing a cleaner & nicer place for Residents to

    I hope the City isn’t getting Greedy again with the
    intentions that the Tourist should be using this area
    as a Pit Stop to eat from Take Out Restaurants.

    If I owned a Restaurant I certainly wouldn’t want Tourists
    eating Take Out from other restaurants outside of My
    Fine Dining Restaurant. It is not F A I R..

    They put Tables & Benches at North Square and it looks
    Disgusting to see People eating outside of Fine Dining
    Restaurants that are in the area.

    The City should be doing Nice Projects for the good of
    the Residents, not just the Tourist. Let the Mayor put Tables & Benches outside of City Hall Plaza where there
    is Plenty of Room and it won’t effect any of the
    Restaurants in the area.

  2. Agree 100%. One item that everyone agreed on when giving the city feedback on the design by both abbutters (of which I am one) and the broader neighborhood meeting attendees was NOT to create a space that encourages eating there (tables and chairs) or hanging out there (benches). Both elements will just encourage trash accumulation, loud late night noise and/or homeless residence. The focus should be on pleasing aesthetics with a tie-in to the Italian heritage of the neighborhood wherever possible and to prevent it from being the all-day truck delivery parking that it is now.

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