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NEWRA Releases Letter on North End Schools

The Executive Committee of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association sent out a notice on Wednesday, June 8th with their recent letter regarding the expansion of the Eliot School and the North Bennet Street School, both located in the North End. The NEWRA message is shown below.

On May 19, NEWRA sent a letter regarding the Eliot and North Bennet Street Schools, to the Mayor, Representative Michlewitz, Councilor LaMattina, the Councilors-at-Large, Peter Meade (Director, BRA), and Matthew Cahill (Executive Director, Boston Finance Commission). The letter described the strong neighborhood support for the expansion of both schools. A neighborhood meeting with City officials and representatives of the BRA and the Boston Finance Commission was requested, in order to discuss the schools’ needs and the proposed disposition of the City Printing Plant and its adjacent buildings. To date, no reply has been received.

We urge you to email or write, expressing your support for the Eliot and North Bennet Street Schools and requesting the City to meet with neighborhood residents.

Click to read the NEWRA letter (pdf).