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RUFF Clean Ups Prado Pillars and Richmond Street Park

RUFF held its monthly North End clean up at Richmond Street park this month. The team pulled up weeds from the flower beds, trimmed overgrowth coming through the fence, swept and removed all brush from the sidewalk and replaced old signs. We are excited to have a dog run and are happy to see folks taking care of the area. A special thanks to Cirace’s for lending RUFF tools for the clean up.

Team members also addressed a trouble spot in the Prado. A request came in to wash the pillars by Unity Street so the group grabbed their buckets and brushes and started scrubbing. RUFF researched what would be best for the stone as well as the dogs. A warm water and vinegar solution was used for the cleaning, making it all natural and safe for the stone, the humans and our pets.

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  1. Keep up the good job! Now if your fellow dog owners would just pick up after their pooches and if they do, stop throwing filled dog poop bags into the storm drains and into the outside basement stairwells…..

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