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Diamond Machining Technology Presents Award to North Bennet Street School Graduate

left to right: NBSS President Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, DMT VP Stacey Brandon, Ryan Fini, Violin Making & Repair Dept. Chair Roman Barnas

Marlborough’s DMT Diamond Machining Technology and Boston’s North Bennet Street School (NBSS) share a common reputation for and commitment to excellence—DMT for manufacturing diamond sharpening products, NBSS for educating students in the craftsmanship tradition. What’s more, sharpening is essential to maintaining craft and trade tools. Recognizing this common ground and wanting to support tomorrow’s artisans, DMT established the DMT Diamond Machining Technology Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship to be awarded to an outstanding NBSS graduate.

The award recipient is Ryan Fini, a graduate in the school’s Violin Making and Repair program. According to Department Chair Roman Barnas, Fini is one of the program’s best students and deserves recognition for his efforts, abilities and leadership.

“During class Ryan is very attentive, reliable and diligent. Beyond this, he is exceptionally talented, creative and motivated. And he is a natural leader,” Barnas said. “Ryan leads projects that are not typically part of the program but are highly educational and fun for the students. He has been very active and dedicated, and has consistently volunteered to help with extracurricular projects and studies in historical instrument making methods. He is always helpful and supportive to the other students.”

Leading up to graduation, Fini had his choice of prestigious positions. He has chosen an opportunity in which he will work on the best instruments available for sale internationally and also continue to make his own instruments. The DMT Award is another feather in his cap.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award,” said Fini. “It means a great deal to me to be recognized in a field that I am so passionate about. I am truly grateful to be able to begin my career on such a positive note.”

On June 6, DMT Vice President Stacey Brandon presented the award in a pre-graduation gathering at the school’s new 150 North Street, Boston location. The NBSS graduation ceremony followed at the Old North Church.

“The violin making class gathering and NBSS graduation were wonderful. And being able to personally present the award to Ryan was very meaningful,” Brandon said. “It’s such a pleasure to support this outstanding young man and to feel a genuine connection with the artisanship that our products support.”

NBSS faculty nominated and selected Fini to receive the DMT Diamond Machining Technology Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship. The criteria were “a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in craftsmanship, created an exemplary body of work and whose leadership skills have contributed to fellow students and to the school.” The award comprises a gift of $1,000 and complimentary DMT sharpening products.