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Neighborhood Photo: Snowy Sunday Morning at Copp’s Hill

Early Sunday morning at Copp’s Hill following last night’s snowstorm. Submitted by Paul Foster. “Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on Submit your interesting photos by taging @northend.waterfront on Instagram. Please include a caption or story telling us about your photo. See past neighborhood photo posts.

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Historic Neighborhood Photo: Hartt House on Copp’s Hill

Old photo of the Hartt House on Copp’s Hill. The original owner of the house, Edmund Hartt, owned the shipyard that built the USS Constitution.   Tune in on Thursday’s to view our featured neighborhood photo from back in the day! Submit your historical photos using our Submit a Post form or tag @northend.waterfront on Instagram. Read More…

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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Prince Hall Freemasons in North End on Memorial Day

The annual Prince Hall Freemasons Memorial Service is held at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground on Memorial Day weekend. Prince Hall (c.1735-1807) is buried there with a monument recognizing him as one of the first abolitionists and the founder of Black Freemasonry in the United States, now known as Prince Hall Freemasonry. Thousands of African Americans who lived in the Read More…

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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Bullet Holes in Daniel Malcom Gravestone

We’re back to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground at the gravestone of Captain Daniel Malcom, complete with bullet holes. Malcom was a sea captain who strongly opposed British taxation and frequently smuggled in his wine and tea cargo without paying the duty. North End folklore has it that when British soldiers occupied Copp’s Hill before the Battle of Bunker Read More…

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Neighborhood Photo: The Quiet and Snowy Graves at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Michelle Descamps-Mario went for a walk to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground on Saturday. “I found the cemetery in a surreal beauty, still buried in deep snow mostly undisturbed,” she noted when capturing this photo of a snowy drift amid the gravestones. “Neighborhood Photo” is a regular feature on Did you take an interesting photo Read More…

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Single Justice Denies Appeals for Costa and DiBenedetto in 1986 North End Double Murder

News release from the Suffolk District District Attorney’s Office regarding the appeal denial of Louis Costa and Frank DiBenedetto in the 1986 murder of Joseph Bottari and Frank Chiuchiolo: A single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court has denied the twice-convicted murderers of Joseph Bottari and Frank Chiuchiolo an appeal of another judge’s denial of Read More…

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New Trial Denied for Louis Costa in 1986 North End Murders

Louis Costa will not receive a third trial in the 1986 double murder case where the bodies of Frank Chiuchiolo and Joseph Bottari were found in the North End’s Slye Park (now known as Copp’s Hill Terrace Park), according to a ruling Thursday by Massachusetts Supreme Court Judicial Court Judge Robert Mulligan. Last year, the the double Read More…