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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Bullet Holes in Daniel Malcom Gravestone

We’re back to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground at the gravestone of Captain Daniel Malcom, complete with bullet holes. Malcom was a sea captain who strongly opposed British taxation and frequently smuggled in his wine and tea cargo without paying the duty. North End folklore has it that when British soldiers occupied Copp’s Hill before the Battle of Bunker Hill, they used Malcom’s gravestone for musket target practice.

Last week was wayyyy too easy, so to make up for that, this is a 104 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Photo by Matt Conti.

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  1. Just finished Bullet Holes & rated it “thumbs up”. It was above average in difficulty, thank you. Introduced to North End pages by Nick D. We are “Cousins through marriage.” Visits on Sunday to the N.E, were the highlight of my family on Sunday. Zia treated the adopted Mick & his “Clan” like we were her long lost relatives. Zia as one of the nicest human beings I and my family were ever introduced to, ” mangia-mangia.” was her standard.

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