Doggie-Gate at Richmond Street Park

There is not as much intrigue and deception as Watergate, but the North End has its own literal 'gate' controversy and its just as...

My Comment Letter Opposing Large, Sponsored Greenway Events


Our new Greenway parks are at risk of being "rented-out". As discussed in a previous post, the Greenway Leadership Council (GLC) is reviewing draft guidelines for the Greenway's Public Programming, Special Events and General Use. Approving these "rules & regulations" is one of the most important functions of the GLC as assigned per State legislation. Chapter 306 of the Acts of 2008 created the GLC as a governing body over the private, non-profit Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. A list of current GLC members can be accessed here.

Are large, sponsored events the future of the Greenway Parks?My comment letter strongly opposes the "renting out" of the Greenway parks for large, semi-private events that could destroy the parks and the hurt the character of the North End/Waterfront neighborhood. Turning the Greenway into an outdoor convention center goes against the desired public use nature of these long-awaited parks. Click here for a PDF version of my comments.

The GLC is accepting public comments through July 15, 2009 before considering the final version of the guidelines at their next private meeting. I hope you will take a minute and submit your own comments via email to:

It is a good idea to cc/copy your comments to public officials. Their emails can be found on our Resources/Links page.

Anyone is welcome to copy/paste parts of my letter at the link below.

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BTD Presents for Greenway Study


This is the first in a series of articles on the issues discussed at the June 22, 2009 public meeting for the Greenway District Planning Study with a focus on transportation.

The Boston Transportation Department was on stage Monday night as part of a series of public meetings for the Greenway District Planning Study. Vineet Gupta presented goals of the department that not only apply to the Greenway, but also to the larger City transportation system.

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