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Snow Angel Program Returns for 2020-2021

The “Snow Angels” program, an initiative started by District 1 City Councilor Lydia Edwards in 2018, will continue to connect elderly and disabled residents unable to shovel in front of their homes to on-call, neighborhood volunteers ready to help.

“The Snow Angels program is about neighbors helping neighbors and coming together as a community,” said Councilor Edwards. “Each year so far the program has grown and my hope is that it continues to grow this year. I’m proud that this will be our third year running the program. The pandemic has isolated a lot of our seniors. Helping them by shoveling snow is a small but meaningful and impactful way for us to help them.”

Sign ups for a Snow Angel volunteer are available to District One residents who are either disabled or aged 65 or older. The registration period will be open until December 31st. People interested in either signing up for a volunteer or to be a volunteer can do so by filling out this form. The program will attempt to match those who sign up for help with nearby volunteers to shovel snow.

Residents with any questions can call Councilor Edwards’ office at 617-635-3200 or send an email to

8 Replies to “Snow Angel Program Returns for 2020-2021

  1. Are West End residents like me allowed to volunteer to shovel too ? I know it’s district 8 but the West End is not as big and I have a great relationship/family from there and history with the North End I could think of maybe shoveling down there as a West Ender ik a few folks but I could even go as far as doing Charlestown and Eastie. I will consider it. Just like with the NE testing West End was allowed I heard too. Thanks!

    1. There should not be a problem with you living in the West End. If your willing to volunteer residence should not matter..Nice going CM. 👍

        1. No CM Thank you. You brought back fond memories of the North End that I grew up in. Their wasn’t an organization in place to volunteer to help people back then. It was instilled in us to help neighbors even if we did not know them .We may have been poor and living in cold water flats , but we had each other and looked out for one another. We also had this great neighborhood that was our world.We would shovel out people’s cars and sidewalks .Run errands to the grocery stores or the local butchers for the little elderly Italian woman who would look out their windows and send down a basket attached to a length of clothesline with a couple of bucks and a grocery list .T Mobile is right when he wrote that ” If your know neighbors need help , help them out” When I grew up here the motto was “What can I do to help?” Sadly today it’s ” what’s in it for me?”

          1. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”. The words of a right-wing radical nut. Actually that too is another quote, someone who mistakenly thought the former were my words.

          2. Learning so much as a youngster and I will have to opt out I will think of something else, plus it said “Your not guaranteed a neighbor” imagine that lol.

  2. If you know your neighbors need help, then help them out. If you don’t know your neighbors then this is a great chance to meet them. I once helped a place on Hanover St and got chocolate. Neighbors are equally greatful. What’s really annoying is clowns that have the need for a latte as you are shovelling a walk. They could go around but feel the need to make some idle conversation as the prance by.

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