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Neighborhood Photo: Turf Installation at Puopolo Field

The renovation project at Langone and Puopolo Parks has been full-steam ahead since construction projects were allowed to resume in May with new COVID-19 restrictions in place. In this photo, turf is being putting down on the Puopolo Field, which will be a multi-use field able to host baseball, softball, and soccer.

The artificial turf was a highly-contested topic when the project was going through the community process in 2018. In the end, it was determined the City would use turf on Puopolo Field, with natural grass remaining at Langone Park’s little league field.

Construction began last summer on the project to renovate the parks which, in addition to the turf, includes adding open spaces, making the area more accessible, and factoring in design elements that focus on climate resiliency.

Photo by Maryann O’Brien.

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