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Wharf District Council Police Update: Three Commercial Breaking & Entering Incidents, Neighborhood Vigilance

Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy provided a police report at the September Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting.

September 4th 2020, 8:16PM, 12 Post Office Square: Breaking and Entering

Responding to a 911 call, officers were briefed upon arriving on-scene by building maintenance and Northeast Security who directed their attention to a window that had been smashed and a door that had been forced open. Officers proceeded to enter the door, performing a sweep and finding no one inside. According to security, that sector of the building was otherwise vacant. Nothing was stolen and detectives are currently following up.

September 9th, 11:30AM, 21 Merchants Row: Breaking and Entering

Officers responded to a 911 call made by a business at 21 Merchants Row. An employee reported discovering a number of items stolen upon arriving for work earlier that morning: iPads, an iPhone, and cash. According to the employee, it appeared as though someone had tampered with the office door. Detectives have been able to acquire actionable surveillance footage and the case is under investigation.

September 9th, 1:00PM, 21 Merchants Row: Breaking and Entering

At the very same location later that day, an office worker went to grab breakfast and, upon returning to his office, saw an unknown female individual in his workspace. A confrontation ensued whereupon the suspect grabbed two laptops and ran out the door. Detectives are currently working to identify the suspect, and the case is under investigation.

Neighborhood Vigilance:

The Wharf District Council also sought guidance from BPD on neighborhood vigilance, in the context of an incident that occurred on the afternoon of September 14th.

According to an account given by WDC Member Judy Ehirlich, an altercation took place near the Greenway between an unknown individual and an Amazon delivery driver. The individual, as described by Ehrlich, was screaming and engaging in a racially-charged verbal exchange with the driver, who was a person of color.

Asking whether or not this sort of incident would merit a 911 call in future, Captain Robert Ciccolo responded in the affirmative, stating: “This is absolutely a 911 call.” The Captain went on to say that upon responding, officers would be able to determine the appropriate course of action.

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  1. A racial motive attack on a amazon delivery driver of color that unknown individual/suspect is so happens to be a woman named Karen, I doubt it was Kevin.
    Things like that is why on Nov 3rd Vote!! things can change it’s up to us.

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