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Weekend Brief: Sending a Taste of Massachusetts, Boston Falls in Ranks as a Tourist Destination

Today is Friday, September 4 and if you know someone who is missing a taste of home—or more specifically missing a taste of the North End, now you can send them exactly that, read more on the Boston Herald.

Here’s what you need to know for this weekend…

Notable News:

Labor Day weekend travel: Flights to Boston plummet amid coronavirus pandemic after city ranked as a top 5 destination in 2019

What was once a top 5 destination for travelers looking to get away this holiday weekend is looking very different in 2020. With flight arrivals dropping by 58% in the month of July, Boston is falling in the ranks as a top tourist destination, read more on MassLive.com.

North Station at Night:


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3 Replies to “Weekend Brief: Sending a Taste of Massachusetts, Boston Falls in Ranks as a Tourist Destination

  1. With a pandemic around, do we really need more people around. Places where there was a strong tourist trade this summer suffered significant increases in virus spread.

    1. Had a friend down for a visit over the weekend she brought along her two grandchildren to show them the “charm” of the neighborhood.Most people we encountered wore face coverings but there was one issue that we encountered that disturbed me.Decided to send them home with some cookies and Italian pastry. My friend said she heard about Mike’s pastry so off we went.There were the bikers parked in front and some guy outside was directing customers which line to get in. The place ( as usual) was packed .With about 6 lines of people crowded into the store.Social distancing was nowhere to be found so I opted out.Not going to risk the health of or my friend , the kids or me for a couple of canollis. Don’t know how they get away with that?

  2. Happy Labor Day. Enjoy it as much as they will let you. Not here, have good time there …. Where ever that is.

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