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Primary Election Results: Markey Defeats Kennedy III in Senate Primary, Lynch Wins Eighth District for Rep. in Congress

Massachusetts residents took to the polls on September 1, 2020 (and in the weeks leading up to September via early voting and mail-in ballots) to cast their vote for who should appear on the November ballot for the roles of Senator in Congress, Representative in Congress, Governor’s Council, State Senate, State Representative, and Register of Probate.

Massachusetts has two United States senators and nine members of Congress in the House of Representatives.

United States Senate

In the Senate, there is one seat up for election, as Edward Markey’s term is up while Elizabeth Warren’s term is through 2025. Four candidates are vying for a spot on the November ballot for U.S. Senate. Here’s how the votes played out:

Edward Markey (D), incumbent: 59.50% (77,518 votes)
Joseph Kennedy III (D), current Representative in Congress: 40.28% (52,485 votes)

Kevin O’Connor (R): 59.34% (4,697 votes)
Shiva Ayyadurai (R): 38.18% (3,022 votes)

In the town-by-town results, you can see Boston generally followed the overall trend for both Democrats and Republicans— Markey 59.6%; Kennedy III 40.4% and O’Connor 60.8%; Ayyadurai 39.2%. In November, Markey (D) will take on O’Connor (R) for the Senate.

United States House of Representatives

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts has nine seats, divided by district. The North End/Waterfront is part of the Eighth Congressional District, which encompasses parts of Boston, all of Quincy and Brockton, as well as a number of towns on the South Shore and southwest of Boston.

In the race for the Eighth District, current Representative Stephen Lynch (D) received 20,161 votes (54.84%), defeating Robbie Goldstein (D) who had 16,538 votes (44.98%). There were no nominations to the Republican ballot.

Here are the results for the remaining MA Congressional Districts:

  • 1st District: Longtime incumbent Rep. Richard Neal is being challenged by Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse. With 87.73% of towns reporting as of 7:30 AM, Neal is in the lead with 59% (73,229 votes), ahead of Morse with 41% (50,850)
  • 2nd District: James McGovern (unopposed)
  • 3rd District: Lori Trahan (unopposed)
  • 4th District: Current Representative for the fourth district is Joe Kennedy III, who is now running for U.S. Senate. Nine candidates threw their hat in the ring to take Kennedy’s seat. As of 7:30AM Wednesday morning, this race is still too tight to call. With 80% of towns reporting, Jesse Mermell has a very slight lead of 22.4% (27,925), but Jake Auchincloss is close behind with 22.3% (27,820). Follow live updates on the Boston Globe.
  • 5th District: Katherine Clark (unopposed)
  • 6th District: With 76.52% of towns reporting as of 7:30AM, Seth Moulton has a steady lead with 77.4% (94,928 votes) over Jamie Belsito (12.5%; 15,365 votes) and Angus McQuilken (10.1%; 12,398 votes)
  • 7th District: Ayanna S. Pressley 98.46% (unopposed)
  • 8th District (North End/Waterfront): Lynch 54.84%; Goldstein 44.98%
  • 9th District: Bill Keating (unopposed)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Current State Senator Joseph Boncore (D), representing First Suffolk & Middlesex Districts, was unopposed on the State Primary ballot. Current State Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D), representing the Third Suffolk District, was also unopposed. There were no nominations to the Republican ballot for either position.

In the race for Governor’s Council, current Councilor for the Sixth District Terrence Kennedy (D) defeated Helina Fontes (D) with 10,375 votes (53.34%) to 8,990 votes (46.22%). There were no nominations to the Republican ballot.

For Register of Probate for Suffolk County, Current Register Felix Arroyo (D) received 79,541 votes (69.58%), defeating Kerby Roberson (D) who had 34,266 votes (29.98%). There were no nominations to the Republican ballot.

Read more on the City of Boston’s election results page.

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