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Fulton St. FBI Raid was for Knockout Drugs and Guns, Per Court Docs

Court documents released this week reveal more to the story leading up to the dramatic Fulton Street raid on July 29th by the FBI and federal task force officials. Universal Hub runs down details from the affidavit.

A tipster told authorities that former convict Trevor Lucas, of 143 Fulton St., was asking how to “kill someone without being caught” and acquire knock out drugs or cyanide. Through contact with an undercover FBI agent, Lucas was also trying to buy guns.

FBI and Violent Crimes Unit outside 143 Fulton St. on July 29, 2020

In the affidavit, Lucas told the informant that he had obtained drugs, specifically the date-rape GHB, in liquid form disguised as sports energy drinks and was storing it on the first floor of the North End building.

Lucas had also asked an undercover FBI agent for guns in exchange for money orders.

Officials believed he was planning on leaving the state to threaten or kill a former boyfriend. The incident comes nine years after Lucas pled guilty to using a firearm in a violent crime incident where he sought revenge on a Wisconsin teen he met through the online game “World of Warcraft.”

The FBI and Boston Police had started looking into the situation in February based on an anonymous tip.

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