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Angel Flies Virtually at the Fisherman’s Feast

As part of the 110th Fisherman’s Feast, the Society of Madonna del Doccorso di Sciacca taped a virtual version of its famous Flight of the Angel. “Although the angel may not be gracing the skies of the North End, that does not mean that our ceremony will not happen this year,” said feast officials. This year’s angel is Mia Graffeo, 10, who will also fly next year at the 111th Fisherman’s Feast.

View the virtual version in the video above and tune in to the entire series on their YouTube channel. Also, check out our Flight of the Angel videos from past years here.

The society also held a small blessing with Fr. Michael Della Penna of St. Leonard Church at the outdoor chapel in Boston’s North End. Over the weekend, the statue of La Madonna Del Soccorso was placed at the corner of Lewis and North Streets outside the Fisherman’s Club. Devotees visited, one person at a time in the chapel. Photos from that event are shown below.

The 110th Fisherman’s Feast would have taken place this weekend, August 13-16, 2020, in the streets of the North End. As with all of the feasts, the COVID-19 pandemic has canceled the annual street festival. 

Photos by Matt Conti

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  1. The society’s need to start cleaning up their confetti. Lewis Street is the only street in the North End without street cleaning so it lingers even longer than other places.

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