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Robbery by Gunpoint on Foster Street

A man was robbed at gunpoint on Foster Street, near Charter Street, just before 10pm on Friday night. Universal Hub reports three white males ran toward Commercial Street. We will update as more information becomes available.

In addition to the North End incident, the front page of UHub shows a troubling night from East Boston to Roxbury.

The Boston Globe also reports on this week’s violence in the city, ahead of the July 4th weekend.

2 Replies to “Robbery by Gunpoint on Foster Street

  1. Wow, we have a lot going on & Marty Walsh wants to Defund the Police. Our Police, Fireman
    & Arm Forces should never be Defunded. People are now talking about taking up arms
    because they feel our police will never get there in time to save them. How Sad is that?

  2. Defund the Police. Maybe we should consider defunding the Mayor and City Council. Any politician that wants to take from someone else, is making way too much. Pay cuts should start at the top.

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