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NEW Health to Offer COVID-19 Testing in the North End

Due to the efforts of Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, North End Waterfront (NEW) Health will begin offering COVID-19 testing to North End residents in the Nazzaro Center parking lot beginning June 30 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Testing will be conducted twice a week each Tuesday and Thursday until it is determined that additional testing days are required.

Testing is available to all North End residents and NEW Health patients by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call 617-643-8000.

With phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan, hundreds of people have flocked to the North End to visit the neighborhood’s various outdoor dining areas. Overcrowding of streets and dining areas have led to concerns of a possible resurgence of the virus.

“I want to make sure our most vulnerable residents are kept safe during this pandemic,” said NEW Health CEO Jim Luisi. “We’re opening this site close by to encourage residents of the North End to come get tested.”

For those being tested who are experiencing food insecurity, a grocery store gift certificate will be provided. NEW Health has focused a lot of effort on food insecurity during this pandemic and the community has been instrumental in making that possible. Please visit http://bit.ly/Food-Donation-NEWHealth if you would like to donate to NEW Health’s food insecurity program.

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  1. It’s taken long enough for testing in the NE . The virus was first reported in this country in late Jan? We’re heading into July and from what I’ve witnessed with the outdoor dining with non compliance of the the states guidelines If the City doesn’t crack down on the restaurant owners who violate the guidelines we are going to see another spike in cases.

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