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Hammock Company Sued After 2017 North End Rooftop Chimney Collapse

The victim of a hammock and chimney collapse on Charter Street in Boston’s North End is seeking $1 million+ in a lawsuit against the hammock manufacturer. It was a just after midnight on July 10, 2017 when the woman suffered crippling injuries and had to be lifted in a stretcher by Boston Fire Department’s ladder truck.

Erin Field was visiting her brother, Todd, that night who had installed the Eagle Nest hammock to the chimney after seeing similar uses from a social media / marketing campaign by the company, claims the lawsuit, Erin Field vs Eagle Nest Outfitters, LLC.

“Based on influence from ENO’s marketing campaign, Todd took a picture within a month of moving into his apartment showing his hammock affixed to the brick columns. Todd attached a caption to the photo stating, “no trees no problem.” But for the images in ENO’s marketing campaign, Todd would not have hung his hammock on the rooftop of 45 Charter Street.”

Around midnight on July 10, 2017, Erin, her boyfriend Jack, and brother were on the rooftop of Todd’s neighboring building, 45 Charter Street where he once again installed the hammock using to the brick columns of the chimney.

“Shortly after Erin sat on one side of the hammock, Jack sat down in the hammock next to her. Upon Jack sitting on the hammock, the brick column to which one side was attached collapsed on Erin, causing catastrophic, lifelong injuries.”

The complaint, Erin Field vs Eagle Nest Outfitters, cites multiple other injuries, even fatalities, in similar situations when hanging hammocks have been attached to brick structures.

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  1. Still to this day she (Erin) seems to be doing better, I follow her on IG and YouTube. I sented her this article yesterday which she thanked me for and a dm back during the incident wishing her a save recovery. I remember this original story still breaks my heart. She’s an adorable woman, check out her YouTube channel where you can watch her recovery videos and all. This is her channel. May God bless her every day and maybe a miracle can occur where she can walk again.🙏

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