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Roof Chimney Falls on Woman in Hammock on Charter Street

A young woman was seriously injured when a chimney fell on her just after midnight Tuesday morning.

She was laying in a hammock on the roof of a Charter Street building with one end attached to the chimney that collapsed, according to Boston Fire Department. Another person in the hammock at the same time was not injured.

BFD used a ladder truck to transport the woman from the roof, who was later taken to the hospital for treatment. The Charter Street building where the incident occurred is located near the corner of Salem Street.

Here is a photo of the chimney, courtesy of Peter Wilson, @PetesWire:

6 Replies to “Roof Chimney Falls on Woman in Hammock on Charter Street

  1. What is wrong with these new comers to the North End who are mesmerized with the roofs and then attaching a hammock to the chimney? What was she doing on the roof that late at night.

  2. You can’t blame that woman. If the chimney fell as the result of the weight of a person in a hammock, then this points to a serious flaw/defect in the chimney, likely due to lack of maintenance.

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