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Free Parking for Hanover and Salem St. Residents Impacted by New Cafe Zones

Residents who have been impacted due to the loss of parking from the temporary extension of licensed premise onto outdoor space, also known as Cafe Seating / Cafe Zones are eligible for a free parking space at the Government Center Garage.

Cafe Zones setup in former parking spaces on Hanover Street (NEWF image)

In order to receive a free parking space, residents must have a valid residential parking permit registered to 52 – 139 Salem Street or 13 – 381 Hanover Street.

Free parking will start 6/18/2020 lasting until 9/7/2020 (Labor day) with 24/7 parking at Government Center Garage.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer please follow the steps below.  

  • Fill out the following electronic waiver before you arrive at the garage for your pass: https://forms.gle/bkovFEfsv4ipFhYq9. Once the form is complete it will be sent to the garage office automatically. 
  • In order to pick up your pass, you will need to make an appointment after filling out the waiver above.  You can make an appointment by emailing the garage office at gcg@spplus.com.  Please include your name and license plate number in your email to schedule an appointment. 
  • When arriving for your appointment you will need to bring your driver’s license and vehicle registration to the garage office for address confirmation when picking up their pass at your appointment. 
  • Lastly, all persons coming to the garage parking office must please abide by current COVID-19 guidelines and wear appropriate face covering.

You will be able to pick up your pass starting 6/18/2020 once you have completed the steps above to allow you into the garage.  If you have any additional questions please contact your Neighborhood Liaison John Romano at john.romano@boston.gov.

18 Replies to “Free Parking for Hanover and Salem St. Residents Impacted by New Cafe Zones

  1. This is not a good enough solution. This is not the type of neighborhood where you can park out in front of your residence. North End residents park wherever they can find a spot – even it is on the other side of the neighborhood . To limit free parking to certain addresses is not fair for the rest of the neighborhood. Not to mention, that the number of spots the City is offering isn’t close to what the restaurants are taking up in the North End right now. What about the spots that are being taken up on Prince Street, Commercial Street, and North Street/ North Square? The City needs to do a better job to accommodate the North End residents.

  2. RFK You are right on target. We, the No. End Residents were here long before these 100 plus
    restaurants. The City always seems to accomodate the Restaurant owners because they are
    basically the biggest political donators, Money talks & B.S. walks. No. End Residents don’t
    fight for their rights, no demonstrations, no protests & this is the results. The best thing is that
    these tables & chairs are No Way 6 Ft. apart. Where the hell did the Virus go? Is the City
    concerned about Rats & Seagulls, absolutely not. Strength is in Numbers & Residents have
    to stick together in order for the City to get it. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

    1. Michael D If I was Walsh I would hold off on Baker’s decision for indoor dining until at least the fall.

  3. Mayor Walsh should reconsider on the indoor dining for Boston and the North End until sometime in the fall makes more sense in my opinion plus now with all the outdoor dining going on makes sense too. July and August the two huge hot months are going to say a lot about controlling this disease . At least in the North End indoor dining will ruin the vibe and pressure waitresses more.

    Maybe places like Umberto’s, Daily Catch (Hanover Street one), Mangia Mangia, would be the exception for indoor dining.

      1. Michael D The main big restaurants I wouldn’t, maybe the smaller sit down lunch places or casual sub shops. Halftime Pizza, Umberto’s etc.

        1. CM, Umberto’s is a NE treasure that’s still standing . I remember the original having to go down a few steps with no seating on Parmenter St. .There was always a line out the door. Hard working people than and now. Now I’m craving a couple of slices and a cup of vino., 🍷

          1. Michael D Yes true I mean like the regular sit downs like Halftime. Umberto’s is a treasure run by a great family. Umberto’s would be one of those lunch spots to sit down. At least that’s the wording. Makes things easier Umberto’s would be safer to eat indoors then say Bricco. One of my favorites great food they have.

            1. CM, your right on the money about Umberto’s. I was in the line one morning and checking out the people. Talk about diversity there were people from all walks of life and that’s the way it’s always been. They are a great family of hard workers . The food is great and the prices are more than reasonable. Viva Umberto’s . 🇮🇹

  4. MichaelD, Are you comfortable eating 1 foot apart? I think it is extremely unhealthy for the wait
    staff to be serving food with Masks under excessive heat & humidity conditions. The wait
    staff are struggling to breathe & sweating over the food they are delivering to their patrons.
    Somebody tell me how is this a winning situation? I definitely know for sure, it is not a
    Healthy one. As you walk thru your No. End streets you will notice nobody is 6 ft. apart,
    that is B.S. & nobody seems to be doing a thing about it.

    1. Joan, no I’m not comfortable eating in those conditions. I understood that the policy was tables were to be 6 feet apart or a divider would be placed between the tables.I haven’t see tables spaced 6 feet apart & haven’t seen any dividers.But I have seen the 6 foot social distancing policy & the required use of masks basically ignored by too many people.

  5. The Dock Square garage has over 700 spaces and is always empty. North End residents should try and get some of those spaces. Its sad that a building designed and built to store cars is always empty while people are desperately trying to find spaces on the street. Sometimes driving around in circles for a hour.
    700 empty spaces.
    Parking garages are the biggest passive income property in the city. They are a gold mine. even with all the empty spaces. I dare you to go visit Dock Square garage and see how empty it is.
    Residents should try and get some of those empty spaces for free or at most $5 a day.

  6. PLEASE take a look at the residents on Prince from Salem to Hanover. We have lost quite a large number of spots. Offering to some impacted streets and not other is not balanced. This process really needs some evaluation. NONE OF IT HAS BEEN DONE TO CONSIDER THE RESIDENTS QUALITY OF LIVING SPACE.

  7. Parking solution for certain addresses,- think about this, how many of those residents will check to see if there is a spot close to their residence, instead of walking. Hence, those of us who do not have garage access will be left driving around with no alternative options. PLEASE RETHINK YOUR PROGRAM.

  8. The statues…..art is interpreted., They are representations.. The world is full of symbolism. Why do people always focus on the negativity. People are getting way too out of hand. I wonder if the pyramids are next? We all have opinions, many nationalities have suffered- some more than others- agree to disagree – and work together for the good of all mankind.
    Tearing down monuments is not the answer – PEOPLE ARE WILDLY OUT OF CONTROL- and now this leads to the next comment -BOOST THE POLICE FORCE AND PRESENCE- non violent matters can take a turn for the worse In an instant-don’t put any more people in harms way. BOSTON POLICE HAVE BEEN DOING A GREAT JOB- SPEND OUR MONEY WEEDING OUT THE PROBLEMATIC ONES AND TRAINING

  9. You might be safer indoors eating and socially distanced than out side. A gentile breeze can transport the virus further than still air. If you are outside at a restaurant you are a sitting duck. For some reason or other it, appears that outdoor dining seems safe. But the virus isn’t known to just melt in the air. It is subject to gravity like any other matter. Being matter, it is also subject to acceleration. People aren’t as distanced as indoor requirements and still air; as long as you’re not near a fan.

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