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What’s the 311? Public Disturbance on Tileston St., Damaged Sign on Moon St., Thank You to Parks Department

Welcome back to our weekly update that highlights some of the cases appearing on 311 in the North End/Waterfront neighborhoods. All 311 cases are public information and can be found at 311.boston.gov.

Public Disturbance at 52 Tileston Street

This 311 user says, “Have seen a lot of vagrants in the North End lately. Pretty surprised that the residents don’t take care of them – they usually do.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The post was submitted and opened on May 3, 2020 and remains open as of May 5, 2020.

Possibly the 311 report referenced above that was submitted the previous week regarding a homeless man at the Paul Revere Mall can be found here.

This 311 user states, “Harassment—This homeless addict (the tall one with shaggy grey hair) has been verbally assaulting men and women AND following us around the north end for the last several months. He follows us saying sexually explicit things, slurs, including homophobic slurs. He menaces people walking through Paul Revere Mall, people who live here. He screams after people, and they run away in fright. What he screams at us is frightening, and he does this at all hours of the day all throughout the north end.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The post was submitted and opened on Wed. April 29, 2020 and remains open as of May 5, 2020.

Thank You to Parks Department

This 311 user writes, “Prado Park Mall North End parks department doing a great job during this crisis just wanted to say thank you to the guys.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The post was submitted and opened on April 29, 2020 and closed on April 30, 2020 with the note, “Ok, thank you very much.”

Damaged Sign on Moon Street

This 311 user writes, “Pole knocked over on the corner of Suncourt and moon street. North end.”

The original 311 post can be found here. The post was submitted and opened on April 29, 2020 and was closed the same day with the following note, ” Closed with status: Case Noted. Duplicate of a previously received crm; work order issued.”

Remember, to report a claim with 311, you can call 311, go to the 311 websitetweet at 311, or download the app. What do you think about these 311 cases? Follow our “What’s The 311?” tag to see past week’s postings!

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36 Replies to “What’s the 311? Public Disturbance on Tileston St., Damaged Sign on Moon St., Thank You to Parks Department

  1. The homeless man was back on Salem St today. If the store he stands out in front of is selling him booze, they need to stop. It’s the only possible reason he’s moved his act to Salem St.

    1. This man is a retired war vet and is a really nice person. He does not mean any harm to people. He will never ask you for anything $$, alcohol etc… He does goes to the shelter and cleans up everyday. I guess he has nobody else and is just trying to be friendly. The threat is COVID-19 not him. I told him he needs to wear a mask if he’s going to hang out.

      Stay safe
      Marchello from Hanover Street

      1. I am sure he is but he shouldn’t be harassing women and anybody. He obviously does have issues espically from his days of serving. Just read all the comments.

    1. This same shorter homeless guy came staggering onto Cleveland Place over the weekend and started going through the gate to the alley that runs from between 17 and 21 Cleveland Pl then out to Snowhill st. ( with fire escapes and patio entrances to both CP and Sheafe St buildings on the alley) I yelled at him to not go back there since it is private property and he told me he had to pee. I told him too bad but he had to find somewhere else that was not private property. He left mumbling to himself but he did leave.

    2. Frankie Not according to the reports he shouldn’t be harassing women period they don’t find him funny. He’s a show off I’ve seen him once there and on a notable comedian’s page. He is nuts I thought he was actually gone I remember he was reported before on here.

    3. Not really. He urinated in front of a a full Florentine Cafe a couple of summers ago and was deemed a sex offender I believe. There are restraining order against him.
      I think the North End is very generous to the few homeless people we all see everyday. This guy is not a “nice guy”.

      1. A couple of years ago a restraing order was issued for the guy who repeatedly would steal money from the donation boxes at Saint Leonard’s Church. Haven’t seen him since.

  2. I’ve seen this character around lately and a heads up to 311 your description of a “homeless gentlemen” doesn’t apply here. The guy needs to be ” pink’d” meaning the police need to take him to dry out & receive mental health services. Before someone gets hurt.

  3. If they don’t open the barber shops soon, I afraid people will mistake me for him. I’m the one without a trench coat. Don’t 311 me.

  4. He peed on the Prado yesterday after they power sprayed the bricks to get rid of the stank from where he peed before! Also he does not sing well or quietly. He has butchered many Journey and Foreigner songs.

    1. Matt (6) I don’t care if he sounds like Sinatra. This guy needs to be removed from the neighborhood by any means necessary. Of course someone will call me out & post that he is ( harmless,)

  5. Homeless people can be dangerous. They often times hang together and violent fights break out amongst them. Some are mentally ill and some have , by bad luck, ended up on street.

  6. This guy is a complete animal. He peed on a mail truck on Wiggen Street at 2pm, screaming and yelling that he was h*rny, and that he was going to grab a woman that was walking by, screaming and swearing, doing drugs in the Parado with another known drug addict in the neighborhood. All of his screaming starts at 8am and goes on and on throughout the day. Enough already. Yesterday we had FOUR cop cars on the street trying to get this guy to leave and within 30 minutes he was right back screaming. It is not safe.

  7. People should show this man a little compassion. Not only is a veteran who risked his life for his country but he also is really not a bad guy if you talk to him. So what he yells and sings sometimes! We live in the city there’s plenty of noise! Also I’m sure this guy doesn’t like have to pee outside. Probably wishes he had a place to use the bathroom. I see people letting their dogs pee and poop all over town but that’s ok?!?!

      1. Anon, he’s actually made comments to my wife but unlike everybody else we are not babies and realize that this guy is harmless. We laugh it off and walk away like normal people. No need to cry to 311 and call the police because someone made a rude comment.

        1. How about urinating on Hanover is front of a packed restaurant?

          Sorry I was brought up to respect everyone that deserves it. I know he has a lot of issues but where do you draw the line?
          This guy has had enough chances NOT to act like an animal and keeps failing miserably.
          What would he need to do before you wouldn’t be ok with it?

        2. Joseph, if he makes a lewd or obscene comment to the wrong guy’s wife or kids he’s going to be in a world of trouble. I wrote a couple of days ago that someone was going to say “he’s harmless”. I worked with this population for nearly 20 years and trust me he’s not harmless. He’s an accident waiting to happen.

    1. smh. would have no problem with the guy if he wasn’t verbally attacking and practically accosting people daily, doing drugs, drinking, yelling racial slurs, sexually based comments to women, etc. he is combative and volatile. Agree should have compassion but he should be in a VA hospital getting treatment. Not harassing the people of this neighborhood and creating an unsafe environment for everyone- including the many children who live here. Get some help and leave us alone.

    2. smh. would have no problem with the guy if he wasn’t verbally attacking and practically accosting people daily, doing drugs, drinking, yelling racial slurs, sexually based comments to women, etc. he is combative and volatile. Agree should have compassion but he should be in a VA hospital getting treatment. Not harassing the people of this neighborhood and creating an unsafe environment for everyone- including the many children who live here.

  8. Joseph, dogs are animals and they don’t have a choice either.I agree it’s a problem but it’s the owners responsibility to pick up after their dogs. As for this person who clearly needs mental health services he is part of a high risk population. I read that over 120 of the clients of the Pine St Inn tested positive for COVID -19.You simply can’t have a person like this walking the streets in a neighborhood with woman & children. Their are plenty of people here who have compassion for people but he needs professional help. I’ve seen this situation play out before and once again & I hope I’m wrong somebody is going to get hurt.

  9. My brother and I were having a beer at the window table at Rocco’s and he came walking by, reached in and grabbed one of the candle lanterns from the window sill, and yelled “ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA HAHAHA” and then walked away. Good sense of humor, but can be a bit too much when he is on the sauce.

  10. We understand living in the city involves noise but this is above and beyond. I have also witnessed this man on many occasions in the neighborhood creating a scene. Ignoring this behavior and/or making excuses makes you part of the problem. The examples above are examples alone to get this man out of the North End for good. He is a menace to the good people and culture of the North End and an embarrassment.

  11. North Ender , your absolutely right. We are called “babies” by Joseph who laughs it off. If a person finds this guy’s behavior harmless and acceptable that person need a check up from the neck up.This is what makes a neighborhood people who look out for their neighbors , and as Anon wrote about respecting one another. You can’t enable this man and try and justify his behavior Joseph.

  12. We live in a beautiful , historic neighborhood and we shouldn’t be subjected to harassment and verbal abuse.I absolutely agree, he needs to be picked up and brought in for treatment. He doesn’t wear a mask, walking around and going in and out of stores. So perhaps if stores refuse to serve him he will leave.

  13. The past few days he has spending his afternoons at the community center sitting on the steps SCREAMING. Windows closed but you can still hear him screaming. Most of us are working from home now so its especially disturbing for those of us stuck listening to his screams for 5+ hours a day. Not to mention the other day when I (a 25yr female) walked through the community center courtyard and was screamed at the entire about my “f*ckable a$$”. As you can imagine I was very disturbed and told a friend about it. She informed me that just the day before she was walking on Salem St. when he started screaming racial slurs at her and even used the the N word!! Then he proceeded to chase her for half a block. This is not okay. Vet or not. the guy is a problem that needs to be dealt with. This is not okay for residents. My friend fears what would have happened if he “caught” her.

  14. I read where in San Francisco they taking these guys and putting them in hotels and then providing them with booze and drugs. Maybe the guy belongs in the Long Wharf.

    1. T ,this person belongs in a Psych.Ward .After reading the comment from North Bennet St about the harassment & filthy comments directed at her from this guy and having her friend have racial remarks directed at her & terrorized while walking in the neighborhood that they live in. This has been going on long enough and something needs to be done.

      1. I have to wonder if this guy might be a victim of cut back in medical services during lock down. Not having access to the meds or no one monitoring him, might have him off in another world. I remember there was a guy who I think lived near me, but when when off the meds, was right under my window on the sidewalk. He peed on my window once and I came out really angry and took after him. He was telling me his brother lived in the building, I knew everyone in the building, no likely relations. Most of the times he would pass me in the street and swear at me, other times he would stop and have a conversation. Turned out he was staying on Endicott St., not sure if on his own. But these people are completely different people when not being medicated.

  15. It’s called decompensating after a person who is off their meds. When I worked in MH our goal was to get people who were released from hospitals , assist them to get housing . Some people had housing so for 30 days sometimes 60 days we would visit them and monitor their meds. Some wood “cheek” their meds meaning pretending to swallow them. Than they go spit them out.Many Cts would have delusions that they didn’t need meds and the cycle would repeat. Decomp, hospitalization and back to us.Those people were known as “Frequent fliers” T your correct when they were off their meds they became completely different people when they were not baseline and stable.The scary part was when they were out of control and a danger to themselves or others.It would take 4 or 5 staff to restrain them and pink them to a secure MH facility.Throw booze into the mix and you have a person who can be very dangerous. So once again when people exhibit these behaviors they are far from harmless.

    1. Years ago I was on a business trip and stayed in downtown San Francisco. Compared to here, they have a homeless population that was mind boggling. These guys are aggressive and would come after you. One guy came after me in some sort of rage on Market St. I didn’t real see him, but caught him as I heard this insane growl. I had to drop him as people just sort of stood there and stared. Next thing, I took off thinking that I would be the one arrested for defending myself. Only in San Franisco would they come up with anything as simple minded as sticking them all in one place, unattended and giving them booze and drugs. It’s sort of a nice place, but I was always wary there. And they tend to have a lot serial killings there. I thought the people there were fairly nasty to the point it was great to get back to NYC.

        1. Always had a hard time understanding that. They have a good sized derelict population that they can’t cope with. Rents that make Boston look tame and yet they want to invite people from who knows where and have done who knows what to come camp there. My only guess is that they want to try to get labor out of them at expoitively low wages. I do know they hire these people and when they get injured they try for workman’s comp. Only problem is that the emplopyer never claimed them or paid their insurance. In one case, the employer tried to keep an illegal employee from going to the hospital. Finally was rushed the with gangrene. With sanctuary cities I don’t see altruism as a motivation as much as exploitation.

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