Friends of Christopher Columbus Park Adds a Super-Hopscotch

Is it art? Is it a game? It’s both! Robyn Reed, Friends of Christopher Columbus Park Art Curator, and her FOCCP assistant, Meredith Piscitelli, have added another hopscotch grid at Christopher Columbus Park. (The first one is on the path leading from Richmond Street.)

Recently, Robyn and Meredith, masked and maintaining social distance, installed the new grid. Longer than the standard game and with an innovative design, Robyn chose a retro look that resembles an old analog computer screen display. She says, ”Hopscotch is the opposite of our lives on screens now, especially for children.”

Look for the HOP installation the next time you are in the Park. Robyn was certainly thinking outside the box when she came up with this design.

Go to to learn more about the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park. Please consider becoming a member or sponsor to support our efforts in the Park.

Photo credit: Meredith Piscitelli

3 Replies to “Friends of Christopher Columbus Park Adds a Super-Hopscotch

  1. This new hopscotch grid is located on the pathway from the trellis’ near Tia’s leading to the Rose Kennedy fountain outside the Rose Garden, where the bush roses are ready to burst into bloom.
    (stay tuned for news about the Center Bed there)

  2. This brings back so many happy hopscotch memories from my North End childhood. Only then we drew the squares with white chalk on the sidewalks. Happy days!

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