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Springtime Egg Hunt Venue Change: To Our Windows!

We won’t be hunting for decorated eggs in the North End parks or graveyard this April 12, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a Springtime/Easter Egg hunt. We’re moving the venue to our windows!

Everyone was feeling a little sad about losing our traditional festivities, but the North End/Waterfront Mothers’ (Parents’) Association (NEWMA) has hatched a new idea. On the morning of Easter—Sunday, April 12—we plan to “hide eggs” by hanging drawings of eggs in our windows.

Kids can travel the neighborhood at safe distances and “collect” the eggs by looking at them, counting them, or taking photos of them. Parents and guardians can then celebrate the collection of their virtual “basket of eggs” in their own way at home, all without touching anything!

This should be a fun way for families to participate in both creating colorful egg drawings and also by seeing them around the neighborhood. And a way for us to be neighborly and keep the tradition alive.

Please participate and spread the word among your North End neighbors, so we have lots of eggs to look for!

15 Replies to “Springtime Egg Hunt Venue Change: To Our Windows!

  1. Just to clarify, all collection of eggs is virtual, by spotting or taking a picture of the eggs you see. Who can collect the most?? =)

  2. Shake the Tree would LOVE to participate (67 Salem Street) If any kids want to draw eggs, we will hang them in our storefront window.

    Please slip any drawings under our door!
    How can I reach out to organizers so they can get the word out?

  3. The post Gazette newspaper on 5 prince street already has a
    Window decorated for Easter the children can take pictures any drawings I’ll put in the window glad to make Easter special for them.

  4. Great idea, the Northenders have always been a close knit neighborhood! Anything to amuse the children at this special time of year with the traditions of years ago.

  5. Don’t forget Atlantic Ave.
    I plan to place at least 2 pictures on my balcony railing.
    I live in The Prince Building

    1. Making an egg right now for an Atlantic Avenue-facing window between Fleet and Clark streets. Happy Easter!

  6. Enjoying the little streams of families visiting Snowhill St. We’re all decked out too!
    Hoppy Easter everyone. Great idea!!!!! Come see our eggs, flowers and parking sign!

    Pidg Ciampa

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