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North End 2017 Neighborhood Egg Hunt Set for April 9th


Sunday, April 9, 2017 @ 10:00 am
Christopher Columbus Park

(We will be watching the weather – alternate dates are 4/8 or 4/15 – hoping we don’t have to reschedule. If we do, time will change to coordinate with other events in the neighborhood. Everyone – think good thoughts for a great weather day on 4/9!!!!)

This year’s hunt:
Sponsored by The Living Room, and Boston Community Collaborative
Hosted by the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park

If you are interested in helping stuff eggs next week, let me know at

If your older child (9 or so and up) is interested in helping hide eggs, let me know. Hiders are sent out just before hunters. Lots of eggs are held back for those who aren’t up for an early stampede.

FREE! All are welcome.

See you there!
Boston Community Collaborative

For fun, here’s the links to Northendwaterfront posts for past years – fun to see old photos.



and 2013:

I don’t think I sent a 2014 post in. I will look to see if I have any photos to circulate.

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  1. It’s always been so special to have the older children, 8 and up, hide the eggs and then help the little munchkins with their searches. You’re going to love it. ❤️

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