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Superb Grocery Service in North End During Virus Crisis

Golden Goose receiving delivery

We are living in a challenging time and in unchartered territory. When people or groups step up to the plate to serve the greater cause they deserve great thanks and recognition.

We want to recognize the extreme effort being made by Steve DeAngelis, owner and the many employees of the Golden Goose Urban Market on Commercial Street in the North End. Dealing with shortages and panicky demands on the other, Steve has kept the shelves filled with produce, meat, chicken, canned goods, fish, pizza, soup, prepared foods, toilet paper and sweets and delicacies.

While some of the major supermarkets show bare shelves, Steve and his employees serve the community with smiles and helpfulness even offering free delivery of Groceries. Many elderly individuals live in the neighborhood rely on the Goose for their basic necessities and comforts.

The future is uncertain, but knowing the Goose is there is a comfort to us all.

Marilyn and Mitch Ross

10 Replies to “Superb Grocery Service in North End During Virus Crisis

  1. Steve and the Goose Employees, thank you for the superb work you are doing – keeping the shelves stocked, delivering food, being gracious and kind. You are taking care of our neighborhood.

  2. I’d also like to commend Steve for the measures he’s taking to help protect his employees. There are sheets of heavy plastic that hang between each cashier and the customer, protecting both the employee and customer from potential incidental contact. Great job. Thank you.

  3. This store, and the people who own it or work there, are terrific. Even before this pandemic I was astonished by their inventory, and how well they were organized. The staff is helpful and friendly, and Steve gives back to the neighborhood and schools. It is a North End and Waterfront jewel!

  4. Thank you Mr. DeAngelis and the entire staff at Golden Goose for your professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy, always, and especially during the recent shutdown.
    A special shoutout as well to Alba Produce, who has extended hours of operation—now open on Sunday—to meet rising demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  5. I add my thanks and admiration to Steve and his colleagues at The Golden Goose for many years of service to our community, capped by their extraordinary efforts during these very difficult times. You are solid anchors during the present storm!

  6. Steve has been a hero for all of us, even before Covid 19. What a generous, lovely man. Thank you to Steve and all your staff. Ditto Albie, You are holding up the whole world. We totally appreciate your dedication to our community

  7. Many Thanks to Mr. DeAngelis, to Albie and to Matt Conti for recognizing the Goose and keeping us all well informed – this is what makes us a community!

  8. Omg. These guys and gals are the neighbor hood hero’s. Always have been. Always will be !💪

  9. Without a DOUBT —–I agree !!! They have always met my needs—-and especially during these trying times!!!!!! I have NO IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THEM !!!! Thanks —–coming from me !! JANET GILARDI !!!!

    People may complain about the prices being a little higher than discount stores—-This is a CONVENIENCE STORE PEOPLE !!!!! We can get just about anything we may need ! And their goods are TOP QUALITY !!!!

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