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Golden Goose Market Receives Neighborhood Council Support for Expansion [Video]


Steve D’Angelis of the Golden Goose at 81-85 Atlantic Avenue received a supportive vote, 8-1, in favor of adding a one-story addition to the northern side of the market. The expansion will extend into the privately owned alley using a greenhouse-type structure connected to the existing granite building at Commercial Wharf West. Zoning relief is required in order to add the addition. The same trust landlord owns the expansion space as the existing property.

The addition will add 1600 square feet that will house the prepared foods section, allowing for a new checkout and expanded produce, fish/meat area in the existing space. Golden Goose has been operating at the site since 1977.

The addition will replace the tree planters abutting the building, but will largely leave the open alley with tables intact. Dumpsters and mechanicals will also be relocated further down the building in a new enclosure. In answer to questions, the applicant discussed delivery issues, parking and access issues around the addition.

As shown in the meeting video, Attorney William Ferullo presented the plans to the neighborhood council with D’Angelis and his architect. This meeting was held at the Nazzaro Community Center on July 14, 2014.


Proposed addition at Golden Goose Market

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