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Neighborhood Photo: Boston’s Italian Neighborhood

North End resident Bob Somerville shared this photo looking down Prince Street in the North End. About the scene Bob said,

“This isn’t a picture of some wonderfully historic city in Europe, this is my awesome neighborhood, the North End of Boston. It’s a dynamite destination for discovering American history, architecture; of course Italian food! Though gentrification has taken hold, it’s lovingly known as Boston’s Italian neighborhood. It’s so cool living here.”

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17 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Boston’s Italian Neighborhood

  1. Great caption Bob and great picture. I would agree as well it’s the best place and neighborhood it is always a pleasure being there espically the summer months. You just can’t beat it

  2. Every year I go to Boston for my vacation. The North End is my favorite place to be. Love it there! Great pic.

    1. Hollywood took over parking all over the city shooting a Disney film, which adds even more buzz to our amazing neighborhood!!

    1. Absolutely! And I’ve been told so many stories about our neighborhood from the old timers that are fascinating to hear.

    1. Hey Roy, without pictures we would not have visual memories.
      What is selfish about that? Who’s life is it anyway? Things are changing quickly and we need more people who care. Get a life!

  3. Thanks for your (concern) Roy. I was quite safe and well out of the way of that automobile as I was using a powerful zoom lens. Have a joyful day.

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