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Commentary: Dear North End Dog Owners

I thoroughly enjoy watching you walk your dogs through #LombardPlace, that “L” shaped alley that connects Prince and Thacher Streets, the one with a bit of cobblestone and some greening.

What I’m not enjoying is whomever thought it was OK for your dog to poop in front of the stairs to my landing.  Yes, you cleaned up the bulk of the poop your pup excreted, but you left enough for me to step in.  I’m sorry I’m too disabled to be able to just leap over the poop and then wait for the next rain to wash away what you left behind.  This landing and three stars are an accessible entry to my unit.

I should not be scrambling to fill a water bottle to wash away the poop you left in front of my stairs.  In a proper world, you would not be permitting your dog to poop in front of someone’s stairs.

Sadly,I am also not enjoying the bagged and tied poop someone keeps leaving on the Lombard Place curb.  The curb is not a trash receptacle.  I know it’s confusing, but I need you to please carry your dog’s poop to a proper trash receptacle, I believe the closest one is on Prince Street just outside the Nazzaro Center basketball courts.  If that’s too far away, perhaps you would join with me to petition the city of Boston to return the trash receptacle to the corner of Prince and Salem Streets in front of Bova Bakery.

I truly do enjoy you walking your dogs, moms strolling babies through Lombard Place.  It’s so much better than cars driving through.    Lombard Place should be our space, a pedestrian place.  Can please we work together to make it a nice space? welcomes commentaries on community issues via email to or through our Submit a Post online form. Opinions are those solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of or other writers on this site. Responses to this commentary can be posted below in the comment section.

5 Replies to “Commentary: Dear North End Dog Owners

  1. Ugh! Oh behalf of R.U.F.F….we hear you! This is really an ongoing battle that we’ve been trying to fight for years. it’s disgusting and disrespectful. We’ve got some ideas on how we might be able help that have worked in other areas of the neighborhood. If you’d like, please email us at

  2. > We’ve got some ideas on how we might be able help that have worked in other areas of the neighborhood
    Can you share those ideas here?

    1. Hi Adam,

      We’ve found that working directly with those impacted is a better course of action that an online forum. We’d be more than happy to speak with Tommye directly.

  3. Rude and disrespectful. I never noticed until we got our dog how many people don’t pick up or properly dispose of pet waste. A responsible dog owner picks it up and throws the bag in a trash can.

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