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ALCHEMISTA Catering Coming to 101 Atlantic Avenue, Formerly The Living Room

Alchemista, a high-touch, office catering and hospitality company, has taken steps to establish itself at 101 Atlantic Avenue at the corner of the Mercantile Building formerly occupied by The Living Room that closed almost exactly a year ago.

Photo by Adam Castiglioni (@ConciergeBoston)

Founded by Christine Marcus, ALCHEMISTA has a site in Boston on Lincoln Street as well as locations in New York City and Washington D.C., according to its website.

The location includes the outdoor patio space that could include a restaurant, although plans appear preliminary with minimal renovation work and permitting in process.

3 Replies to “ALCHEMISTA Catering Coming to 101 Atlantic Avenue, Formerly The Living Room

  1. Is there a sample menu available? Would love to see their offerings.
    They are certainly going to corner the market with this concept. Especially if and like they say will be using our establishments for some of their food
    selections. Or was I reading wrongly?

  2. That’s a bummer. Should be used as restaurant/bar/cafe space in its entirety. Shame. Same w the Goody Glovers building. Such great real estate for a place like that. Not a bank. Not a catering co.

  3. The name is a bit off-putting, despite its successful locations in NY and DC. Doesn’t the name sound like a chemists’ lab?!

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