Event Notices

Burlesque 101 at the West End Museum

Join the West End Museum on December 19 at 7 p.m. for a talk on Burlesque.

As early as 1858, Adah Isaacs Menken — the highest paid actress of her day — would set the stage for what would become modern burlesque. Lydia Thompson and her import of British Blondes would soon follow, along with Michael Leavitt’s female minstrels. And all would perform at the Howard Athenaeum. In the late 1920s, as vaudeville pushed family theatre, burlesque performers started to remove clothing in a more provocative way. So came the birth of striptease, which would ultimately lead to the final curtain call at the Old Howard.

“The Old Howard Theatre” exhibit curator Duane Lucia will share video clips as he traces burlesque’s history and evolution. $10 entry / free to museum members. Please pre-register at thewestendmuseum.org. The entrance to the museum is on Lomasney Way across from North Station Garage and Tip O’Neill Building.