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Reader Poll: Should Masks Be Banned During Protests and in Other Public Spaces?

Boston City Council recently discussed a potential ban on wearing masks during protests and in other public spaces.

The question of whether or not masks should be allowed arose following protests in August to the Straight Pride Parade. Councilor Flynn was one who spoke in support of the ban, saying public safety is the biggest priority for everyone – protestors, police, and bystanders. Boston Police Superintendent William Ridge said when protesters where masks, they become more confident to do things they may otherwise not if their faces were revealed.

However, other councilors expressed concerns about what this ban could mean for young people who might wear hoods when working out or playing a sport. Some felt those who protest peacefully while wearing a mask shouldn’t be punished.

What do you think? Should masks be banned during protests and in other public spaces? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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3 Replies to “Reader Poll: Should Masks Be Banned During Protests and in Other Public Spaces?

  1. How will we eliminate dissent if the facial recognition software of the gerontocratic petro-surveillance state can’t see people’s faces?!

    1. Beating up innocent bystanders, dousing them with urine and liquid cement and attacking the police while screaming out idiotic slogans is not “dissent.”

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