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Boston Food Truck Festival Brings Over Twenty Food Trucks to Greenway

The Boston Food Truck Festival attracted thousands of foodies to the Greenway on Saturday with over twenty of Boston’s top food trucks serving up a variety of delicious meals.

Part of Greenway Week, the Boston Food Truck Festival also featured a beer garden, local artisan market, live music, and dance performances from Peter DiMuro. Local favorites such as Cookie Monstah and Bon Me were among the many choices that brought winding lines to the Greenway.

The Greenway Conservancy also commissioned Peter DiMuro to create site-specific dance performances at the Rings Fountain. The dancers, ranging in age from 12 to 75, performed along the green space before taking over the fountain for a beautiful 40-minute display. Inspired by the history of the Greenway, Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion sought out collaborators with ties to the community that the choreography was intended to encapsulate.

“The Greenway…has been doing a great job of commissioning visual art and installations,” Peter DiMuro said about being commissioned by the Greenway Conservancy. “I hope those watching are instilled with a sense of awe, and wonder- go back to their inner child; hope that when they visit the space again they remember the dance; hope that when in new spaces that might have reminders of this one, that they see new possibilities in that space as well.”

Waterway/Lightway/Greenway will return on Thursday, October 10, and perform among the new colored-light show at Rings Fountain to celebrate the Greenway’s 10th Anniversary. Visitors can also enjoy free carousel rides on the Greenway from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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  1. When did they start putting food trucks in the parking lot at the funeral home? I’ve noticed it’s causing some traffic issues as people are stopping to buy food.

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