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“The Sleepover” to Film in Wharf District Tuesday, October 1

Stephen Hartman, location manager for LD Entertainment, appeared before the Wharf District Council to discuss shooting plans for The Sleepover, a film currently in production.

LD Entertainment, in association with Netflix, plans on filming scenes in and around the Wharf District area. Filming in these locations will take place Tuesday, October 1st between 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. around Batterymarch St., Franklin St., and Water St. Filming will require detours off of both Batterymarch St. and Broad St. at those locations and times.

The actual filming will involve a pursuit of two vehicles followed or led by a camera-equipped vehicle. Because of the nature of the scene, it will be necessary to permit parking in between these positions along with meters on India St. in order for equipment trucks to be parked. There will be hard locks on positions on Broad St. and Batterymarch St. with intermittent traffic control for cross streets.

Additionally, filming around Broad St. and Batterymarch St. will involve a car with a controlled fireball pyrotechnic effect. Wharf District Council members Susanne Lavoie and Sheila Willard raised concerns regarding noise level and residential awareness. LD Entertainment intends on reaching out directly to property owners in the immediate vicinity and states that the effect itself will be contained to a very limited area.

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