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Weekend Brief: St. Agrippina di Mineo Feast, Trader Joes Planned for Fort Point, Coffee Hour with Councilor Edwards, Bootcamp, Friday Films

Today is Friday, August 2 and with all of the colleges in and around Boston, it’s not a surprise that the city’s been named the best U.S. city for students, however it hasn’t cracked the global top 10, read more on MarketWatch.

Here’s what you need to know for this weekend…

Saint Agrippina’s Feast. St. Agrippina di Mineo Feast schedule 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. Fri., Sat. & Sun. at Hanover and Battery Streets. See the poster and details here.

6:30AM Summer Fitness Series: Bootcamp. Stop by Christopher Columbus Park for the Boston Summer Fitness Series. This morning’s class will be Bootcamp, see additional information and a full class schedule here.

10:00AM Coffee Hour with Councilor Edwards. Join Councilor Edwards at Caffe Vittoria, 290-296 Hanover Street in the North End to say hello and share your questions, comments, and concerns regarding our neighborhood, see additional information here.

1:00PM Friday Films: The Member of the Wedding. Join the Boston Public Library for free movies on Fridays at 1pm. Today’s movie will be The Member of the Wedding, see additional details here.

Notable News:

The Seaport will get its first major grocery store

Earlier this week, the Boston Business Journal reported that a Trader Joes will be coming to the Fort Point waterfront neighborhood. The beloved chain will be the first major grocery store to open in the quickly developing neighborhood, read more on Boston.com.

Summer it the City:


Plan your events with the Community Calendar:

Saturday, August 3

Saint Agrippina’s Feast. 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. Fri., Sat. & Sun. at Hanover and Battery Streets. See the poster and details here.

1:00PM 18th Century Watercolor Artist. Stop by the Paul Revere House where Audrey Jones Childs will demonstrate 18th century watercolor painting using period appropriate watercolor paints and brushes. Come watch her paint and learn how the brushes and paints were made, see additional details here.

Sunday, August 4

Saint Agrippina’s Feast. 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. Fri., Sat. & Sun. at Hanover and Battery Streets. See the poster and details here.

12:00PM North End Family Pride Day. Stop by Christopher Columbus Park for the North End Family Pride Day as part of the Annual Family Fun Festival. There’ll be free BBQ, face painting, bocce, balloon art, kids arts & crafts and more! See a full schedule of events here.

8:00PM Sunday Night Movie in the Park at Dusk. Stop by Christopher Columbus Park for Sunday night movie night beginning at dusk. This week’s movie is The Greatest Showman.

From the Community:

“Street Corner Society” Revisited

Street Corner Society is an iconic study published by William Foote Whyte in 1943. I read and researched this book 46 years ago in college and recently revisited it with the North End’s Dr. James Pasto of Boston’s University. I continue to be puzzled at his use of “gangs and slum” as major notation of descriptiveness, continue reading.

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8 Replies to “Weekend Brief: St. Agrippina di Mineo Feast, Trader Joes Planned for Fort Point, Coffee Hour with Councilor Edwards, Bootcamp, Friday Films

  1. How long has the North End been promised a grocery store in the North Station area? Is that ever coming?

    1. Star Market (Shaws) is suppose to be opening up sometime in the fall I believe right in the TD Garden along with a movie theater i heard, brand new stuff for the Celtics/Bruins too! huge for both the West End, and the whole North End. A new renovated Garden is coming soon.

    2. They wanted to put one the old Bay State Lobster/Battery Wharf. The issue was customer parking and the design called for truck bays loading in the front, which meant they would have back trailer trucks into the bays from Commercial St. The old Dunkin Donuts that was on Commercial St cause a big enough nightmare, so the Star Market was told go elsewhere. Trader Joe’s has been hinting about build one closer to the waterfront for years, but I heard the issues were with real estate costs. I’m a little surprised to hear about on int the Seaport.

      1. Part of the issue was that a group of Waterfront and North End residents put up a big fuss about a supermarket killing the small businesses in the North End and not wanting “outsiders” coming into the neighborhood to shop at night. I confronted a couple of these people during one of the community meetings and asked if they did their grocery shopping in the North End. They said no. They all went in their cars to Market Basket and Stop & Shop. NIMBY

        1. I went to one at the Nazarro Center. The main topic was congestion and lack of customer parking. But then some guy asked where they planned to have the truck loading bays and that was pretty much game over. I went to another one and Sal DiMasi and Steven P. (Our state senator, last name eludes me now), both let the developers have it and then it was game really over. Wasn’t as much Star Market, the project was too large, plus they were making a run at the 55′ limit. There was a Stop N Shop on Cambridge St that most people use. The place was dirty and the register people appeared to be stoned. Now it’s the Whole Paycheck.

  2. Excuses, excuses, excuses! Star Market has a pricing policy in which certain locations have reduced prices (such as Dorchester Lower Milks but without weekend specials. as opposed to East Cambridge where they have weekend specials but large increases in all other prices. Guess which one we will get.
    How about giving us aMarket Basket!

  3. Businesses aren’t grants, they are entrepreneurial opportunities. Part of what you pay is for location. In retail , location costs can vary significantly. Better locations have more foot traffic, therefore, you can add supply and demand factors as well.

  4. A good location for a Market Basket would be on the methadone mile. I’m sure Rachel Rollins and Marty Walsh would be ok with that. As long as there was a section where the junkies could shoot up without being disturbed.

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