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City Orders Immediate Demolition at 279 North Street

In response to the partial collapse of the building at 279 North Street, at the corner of Fleet Street, city officials have ordered the immediate demolition of the building on Tuesday, July 2nd. According to the following statement,

279 North Street (Photo courtesy of Maria Lanza, North End ONS)

On Friday, June 28, a section of an exterior wall of 279 North Street collapsed resulting in an evacuation of that building and the rear abutting building. On Monday, Boston Fire and Inspectional Services and Structural Engineers were on scene to assess the situation and determined that structurally, the building would need to be taken down immediately due to safety reasons. ISD and Boston Fire teams continue to remain on-site along with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services to coordinate the taking down of the building and evacuation of abutting buildings. Taking down of the building will occur between 12:30PM until 5PM today and displaced residents will be placed at the Nazzaro Community Center until ISD and Boston Fire deem it safe. In the interest of public safety, pedestrians are asked to avoid the area. Residents are encouraged to call 311 should they have questions.

If all goes to plan with the Tuesday demolition, the streets around the area are expected to reopen later tonight or Wednesday.

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