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Partial Collapse of Building Under Construction at 279 North Street

A building under construction at 279 North Street, at the corner of Fleet Street, partially collapsed on Saturday morning. No injuries were reported at the vacant property, but residents in an adjacent building were evacuated by Boston Fire Department as a result of a damaged fire escape.

Witnesses heard loud noises shortly after midnight when bricks and construction material fell to the ground as an interior wall and ceiling collapsed. Surrounding streets have been temporarily cordoned off for safety reasons.

The existing four-story property is being expanded with a new fifth story, living space in the basement and roof deck. The redevelopment proposal was supported last Fall by both neighborhood groups, NEWRA and NEWNC.

8 Replies to “Partial Collapse of Building Under Construction at 279 North Street

  1. Fleet & North intersection’s still blocked off. Anyone know how soon they’ll take the building down?

    1. I stopped by a few weeks ago. A family bought the building and obviously are doing renovations. It is a shame that this happened. The ‘landlords’ are a family who recently bought the building. mvblfst: get your facts straight.

    1. the parking lot is still intact. they were scraping the white paint off side of building and will be replacing that with bricks. scaffolding was up, etc. one of the workers told me.

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