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Dogs & Grills on the Waterfront

Boston Harbor Now’s Director of Policy Jill Valdes Horwood and Director of Planning Alice Brown host a bi-weekly video blog covering topics related to the harbor. Watch their most recent episode about what makes public parks welcoming below.

In this five minute vlog, Brown and Horwood talk about what makes public parks feel welcoming to visitors. The first example Brown gives is the presence of grills for public use, which visitors can find on George’s Island. Some parks allow guests to bring their own gas or charcoal grills such as Castle Island and Franklin Park.

The two also talk about the community that exists around dogs and dog owners. Dogs are not allowed on the Harbor Islands, but they are allowed on leashes on the four peninsulas.

Finally, Brown and Horwood talk about other welcoming aspects of Boston’s parks, including the Fan Pier fire pit, programming in the parks, and the fireworks.

Learn more at and follow our coverage of this video series as more episodes are released by searching the tag: Waterfront Wednesdays.