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Wharf District Council Works on Vision Video

The Wharf District Council is steaming ahead with their vision video for the district. 

The council held two charettes this week to get residents ideas and input on what they would like the district to look like years from now. Years ago, the council created a document about their vision for the district and while it was well received, it was also very “content rich” with pages and pages of documents. 

“It was not easy to digest,” said Marc Margulies of the Wharf District Council. “It had a lot information in it and not everyone had the time to read it all.” 

The council decided they should create a video instead of their vision, which would be easier for people to view and comprehend. 

“We thought that would be the easiest and most visually appealing way to spread our message so that is what we are currently working on,” said Margulies. 

One of the charrettes where residents gave their input about the future of the district.

The charettes are being used as a way to get ideas to put into the video. The council has broken the video into six themes, which are connections and accessibility, developing historic relationship, how to identify attractions, how to handle climate change, the harbor walk and how to create a cohesive site vocabulary. 

Attendees of the charettes were encouraged to share their ideas for different areas of the district in relation to the six themes. They also looked at various examples from around the country of different seaports and shared what they liked and did not like. 

The council will take their ideas and put them into a video.

“We hope this inspires residents and decision makers on what do with the district years to come from now,” said Margulies. “We want this to be shared with everyone.” 

Margulies says he hopes the vision video to be completed by the end of the summer.