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Police Blotter: Two Business Break-Ins; Vandalism

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

Larceny Theft from Building / Vandalism
05/08/19 2:45 a.m.
Police officers responded to a commercial alarm at a Hanover Street business. On arrival, the front door had been smashed with a brick. At this time, police officers were unable to find an owner to respond. The front door was boarded up by a responding company. In the morning, the owner reported seven cartons of cigarettes had been stolen from the store. Detectives to review video footage.

Breaking & Entering – Commercial
05/08/19 4 a.m.
Commercial Street restaurant reports an unknown male suspect was caught on video breaking the front glass door with a brick and entering the establishment. Suspect observed forcing open the safe behind the bar and stealing an undetermined amount of U.S. currency and seven computer tablets used for ordering food. Suspect fled on foot. Detectives to follow up.

04/27/19      7 p.m.
Police officers responded to a Charter Street building for a person banging on the front door. On arrival, they found a door panel had been pushed in. Police officers located a male in apartment #2 on the sofa who stated he was locked out and damaged the front door to gain entrance. Suspect presented a lawful identification.

3 Replies to “Police Blotter: Two Business Break-Ins; Vandalism

  1. So idiots break into their buildings instead of having a spare key somewhere, a landlord, or a plan for that? You break a door?

    This is civilized society. You’re in one of America’s densest neighborhoods, and the Unites States considers the very tiny lily pad of the North End to be within the most protected and well-resourced professional protection services in the entire world. Living within a mile radius of government center is one of the best places on Earth to have an emergency.

    Can we get a name and a mug shot, even though there was proper identification?

    Because there needs to be a warning gallery for the good landlords of the North End.

    Unless you have a medical emergency or are preventing death, don’t break into your building. Then you sit on the couch like nothing happened?

    My tenants would not fare well in this scenario.

    Oh no…not at all.

    1. Being a consciencious landlord can be a tricky thing. I would bet that if their was a list of bad tenants, it would be prohibited. First society protects idiots, so they will never learn better. Second, there are bad landlords. So who really knows.

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