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Patriots Corner Gallery “Rally Point” Exhibit at Old North’s Clough House – May 17 through July 15

Patriots Corner Gallery at Old North Church

Clough House, 21 Unity Street, Boston
May 17 – July 15, 2019

Tall Ships – USA Pride of Baltimore on right greeted by Ecuadorian sailors up high on the sails of BAE Guayas. (Photo by Matt Conti)

Old North Church & Historic Site presents its first art show in the exhibition space, Patriots Corner Gallery, located in the Clough House on Unity Street. 

The famous signal lanterns of April 18, 1775, displayed in the Old North steeple, activated a network of riders who rallied their neighbors and fellow patriots to action and ignited the American Revolution. Aligning with Old North’s 2019 programming themes of community and courage, this exhibition will examine how teamwork, collective action, and fellowship can promote active citizenship.

Blending the historic with the contemporary, the exhibit will challenge visitors to make meaningful connections between their lives today and the lives of those who came before them, through art and photography. This Patriot’s Corner exhibit will be open to the public from May 17 to July 15,

Featured Artists
Todd Bradley
Matt Conti
Maggie Loh
Leah Ramuglia
Austin Shoares
Ellen Shub
Steven White

Presented by the Old North Foundation in partnership with the Photographic Resource Center.