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Residents Evacuated from 454-464 Hanover Street as North End Building Declared Structurally Unsafe

Corner of Hanover and Commercial Streets in Boston’s North End (NEWF file image)

Boston Inspectional Services has declared the building at 454-464 Hanover Street is structurally unsafe for occupancy. Residents were forced to evacuate on March 13th after city officials decided to condemn the property.

The building is home to dozens of residents in its 26 residential units. There was formerly a 7-Eleven store on the ground floor located across from the US Coast Guard complex, on the corner of Commercial Street.

Residents of the 5-story property were allowed to quickly gather some belongings and told to seek alternate housing while repairs can be made. City Hall said they are helping secure temporary housing for those in need.

ISD said an engineering firm notified them of deteriorated steel beams and the property also had some recent falling brick incidents. The building is organized as a condominium with owner and rented units, along with a property manager.

9 Replies to “Residents Evacuated from 454-464 Hanover Street as North End Building Declared Structurally Unsafe

  1. There’s a few buildings in the North End that should be condemned.
    Starting with 17 Sheafe Street, and people live there. The windows and the bricks are literally falling out.
    I’ve called ISD thoughtout the years and nothing ever happens, the tenants won’t let anyone in the building.

  2. Please anyone, share any info. The city hall doesn’t have any info. The management company is not returning calls. Our tenant was not allowed into the building at all despite the claims on the news that people were gathering belongings. No assistance of any kind, and nobody is doing any work.

      1. I did. Affinity Realty has no updates.
        Contacted City Hall based on the above “City Hall is helping secure temporary housing for those in need” – the City Hall has no updates and loops back to the Affinity Realty, which in turn has no updates, no help, no decision.

        1. We would like to speak with you to make sure you are receiving the updates that we have been providing unit owners and tenants. Can you please contact us to make sure your contact information is on the list.

  3. There are plenty of Buildings & Restaurants that pose danger, this is not anything new. What is the city doing about
    it? Nothing. There is a small restaurant on Prince St. & restrooms were on the first floor & the city allowed them to
    put the restrooms down the basement & the city lied & said they were always there. Lies, on top of lies. What about the Handicap people? There isn’t one city employee that took that into consideration. The restaurant wanted the space for customers & didn’t care about the Handicap people. Handicap people have been disregarded
    far too much & the city is not doing a damn thing about it.

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