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Police Blotter: Salem St. Assault and Pharmacy Theft

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

Assault & Battery
03/17/19 10 p.m.
Victim reports he was assaulted by three males on Salem Street. Victim was found lying on the ground with a laceration to his head. Victim transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

Larceny / Shoplifting 
03/22/19 8:30 a.m.
Hanover Street pharmacy reports that a male suspect had stolen several battles of shampoo and packs of bar soap from the store. Suspect was stopped by an officer, was identified, and the property was returned to the store manager. Suspect to be summonsed to court.

17 Replies to “Police Blotter: Salem St. Assault and Pharmacy Theft

    1. Disgusting and disrespectful what they did to the Veterans Monument in South Boston the night of the parade.

  1. We need greater police presence during these city wide big events. St Paddy’s, Pats parades, feasts, concerts at city hall plaza. We always get spillover violence and we have no police presence!

    1. The City does bring more cops on duty during all these events. Problem is that there aren’t enough cops on the payroll to cover every inch of the City. Might help if Mass could waive jursitictional rules to employ off duty police from surrounding areas, of course we will pay the overtime and travel expense. Or call in National Guard and impose a curfew

      1. Please don’t tell me you just recommended bringing in the Nation Guard to patrol the neighborhood. Maybe they should bring in the Navy Seals to.

        1. Only in jest, because it worked so well at Kent State.

          If you agree that we don’t have enough police to cover each block of the City 7×24 all the time. But these are random events, that can’t be predicted as to exactly when or where. Predictibilty becomes better on amatuer night or during big events. The City can deploy more police or even the whole force, but there is the same problem. There are strict public drunkeness and stop-and-frisk statutes elsewhere, but personal liberty advocates don’t want these. So your only choice is to weary and assume that you could be a victim. If you are alone and being approached by three drunks, assume their might be trouble.

          1. Oh no people are drinking in public…. Call in the Green Berets!!! Maybe GI Joe could provide some aid!! This happens everywhere in the country on this holiday. A couple people got into a fight it is not the end of the world. People in this neighborhood need to get real!

  2. Sal,with all due respect did you read the report? At 10 PM 3 males attacked and assaulted a person on Salem St. The victim was found lying on the ground and suffered a laceration to his head. That doesn’t sound like a “fight” to me. What’s it going to take for more police presence a murder?

    1. You think we should call the national guard because someone got a booboo? Maybe next time I have a cold I will go to the emergency room too

        1. Never claimed to be a tough guy just pointed out that the national guard is not needed for a simple fight, which is pretty obvious. You seem to be the tough guy who hides behind the keyboard.

          1. I meantioned National Guard because I figured no one was dumb enough to take it seriously. Ok, I was wrong. There is some one dumb enough to take it seriously. I can imagine you’ve lost a lot of sleep over this. Rest easy, I doubt the troops are on the way.

    2. More taxes will come first. After the near riot a few years ago, my guess is all eyes were on Hanover St. This is a crime of opportunity. Three guys see another alone on a deserted street, no witnesses so they clock him without notice and disappear. Didn’t give the age of the victim, but he was already out gunned. On St Patrick’s Day there are near riots all over. I’ll bet Broad St had an army over there and the paddy wagon was still full. I used to watch closing time over there just for the entertainment. Salem St you wouldn’t figure for a hotspot.

  3. Don’t know your background but I lived my entire life in the NE. when it was a completely different neighborhood than it is now. I’ve witnessed scenes of violence growing up that I wish I hadn’t trust me! That is way I do not condone or downplay violence under any circumstances .I never suggested bringing in the National Guard.

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