Council Wants Landlords to Help New Residents Vote

Boston City Councilors are considering a new ordinance that would legally require landlords to give their new tenants the paperwork to vote in Boston. 

Councilors Michelle Wu and Josh Zakim proposed the new ordinance at the regular city council meeting this week. 

Zakim said some landlords in his district already do this and find it easy. Zakim said he believes this will be a limited burden on landlords if enacted. Photo

“They found it to be simple. They often come here in August and pick up a stack of registration forms,” he said of the current landlords that already do this. 

“It’s a great opportunity to help folks update their information,” Zakim added. 

The councilors said landlords of rehab centers and other health facilities in Boson would be exempt from the new law. 

Landlords who do not follow the new requirement, if passed, could be fined $100. 

Wu believes this would help residents become more involved in the community. 

“This will encourage them to get involved, find out who is on the ballot, and what issues are facing their communities,” she said. 

“It’s another tool in the tool box to increase access to our voting engagement,” said Zakim. 

In other news, Councilor Lydia Edwards is calling for a public hearing regarding ending wage theft at Logan Airport. Edwards has heard that some subtractors from Logan Airport have not been paying their employees and have created a hostile working environment. 

“We fight for workers. We fight for working families. That’s what we do in Boston,” she said during the council meeting.

She invited her colleagues and Massport to attend the hearing when it is scheduled.

“Massport is not just a neighbor here. They comply with ordinances when they see fit.” She said. “They have a role to play in promoting equity, fairness and good jobs.”

“We are going to talk about how we are going to stop wage theft at Logan Airport. We need to make sure they are paid for every single hour they work when they are away from their families,” she added. 

7 Replies to “Council Wants Landlords to Help New Residents Vote

  1. Please address real issues. If someone wishes to vote , it is their private choice and none of any ones business , with that said they can walk to city hall just like every one else did. Landlords are not social workers, nor are they required to run errands and pick up things, in this case voting papers.. Please reach out to your constituents , I am sure they will fill you in on real problems that can be addresses to ensure quality of life issues.

  2. At some point, there will be an announcement that Boston City Council will have the city manage all privately owned property, charge fees to owners for just about everything, and landlords will have to drive their tenants to the polls and grocery store.
    There are so many more important things to deal with!

  3. “It’s another tool in the toolbox” Why should landlords help people to vote? Although some people can’t even do a load of laundry on their own.

  4. If someone can’t even figure out “how” to vote, then my guess is they’re completely uninformed and is exactly what those looking for this vote want.

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