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What Music Did the Pilgrims Hear?

What music did the Pilgrims hear? The Plimoth colonists were a diverse group of Separatists and Anglicans, religious zealots and irreverent opportunists. They brought with them music as varied as their reasons for coming to the New World in 1620. Plimoth Colony heard not just solemn English psalms, but also humorous catches, ballads, Dutch songs, and rousing dance tunes.

Seven Times Salt.

Join the North End Library on Wednesday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m. for a musical performance by Seven Times Salt.

Celebrate harvest time with delightful autumnal tunes performed on historical instruments and with early English dialect. Join us in a rousing singalong to cap off the evening’s entertainment!

Hosted by The Friends of the North End Library with a generous grant from the City Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library.