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Thursday’s Brief: 10 Milestones to Inspire Travel, Neighborhood Night, Public Safety Meeting, Navigating BPS Process

Things to know for Thursday

Today is Thursday, January 3rd. Here’s a joke from local comedian Ben Alper to start your day:

“Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bill that will tax and regulate short-term room rentals like those rented through Airbnb. For example, you can no longer rent out a kitchen cabinet as a studio apartment” – Ben Alper

Here’s everything you need to know for today…

5:00PM North Street Grille Neighborhood Night. Join North Street Grille at 229 North Street on the first Thursday of every month when 30% of all sales will go back to the neighborhood, see additional details here.

6:00PM NE Public Safety Meeting at the Nazzaro Center. Join the Boston Area A-1 Police at 30 North Bennet Street for the North End / Waterfront public safety meeting.

6:30PM Navigating Boston Public Schools Process for Parents. A speaker will present about navigating the Boston Public School application and lottery process. All parents invited to the Eliot Lower School on Charter St.

Notable News:

10 milestones that will inspire travel in 2019

If one of your New Years resolutions is to travel more or you’re just looking for an excuse to get away for a weekend, the Los Angeles Times has pulled together a list of 10 milestones that will inspire travel in 2019 – featuring the 100th year anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood that sent 2.3 million gallons of molasses throughout the North End, see the full list here.

Nothing can dampen the revelry or beauty:

Plan your events with the Community Calendar:

Friday, January 4

12:30PM Celebration of La Befana Luncheon. The ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center will host a luncheon to commemorate the Epiphany / Feast of the Befana at 1 Michelangelo Street, see additional details here.

1:00PM Friday Film Series: Conspiracies & Cover-Ups. Join the North End Library for their January Film Series: Conspiracies & Cover-Ups. This week’s film is Breach, see additional details here.

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4 Replies to “Thursday’s Brief: 10 Milestones to Inspire Travel, Neighborhood Night, Public Safety Meeting, Navigating BPS Process

  1. I don’t see how the mollasses flood will inspire travel. Are they going to have a reenactment?

      1. I remember when they were filming that during the summer trying to create winter. Really pitied the extras trying to warm themselves as I watched in a t-shirt and shorts. The garage is still here now, the tanks and elevated train is all gone. Looks like that would be an easier sell for the tour buses. No end of interesting places here.

  2. There was an earlier Brinks film made in the NE and parts of Boston before the Peter Falk version. It was made in the fifties and called “6 Bridges to cross” Tony Curtis was cast as a thief named Jerry Florea and the young Florea was played by Sal Mineo.

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