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Residents’ Association Letter to Mayor Walsh Regarding New Community Center

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) discussed at their January meeting a list of priorities to be included in a letter about the new community center to Mayor Marty Walsh.

In the letter, NEWRA expresses support for the City’s efforts to create a community center that meets the current needs of the North End, and suggests what many residents have been saying at local meetings: create the new while keeping the old.

NEWRA requests that consideration be given to planning a state-of-the-art facility at a new site for some community uses, such as children’s and recreational programs, while maintaining the existing Nazzaro building for sorely needed community event, meeting and performing arts spaces.

Among the requests from local community members supported by NEWRA and raised in the letter is an expansion of the list of potential sites to include the Fulton Street parking lot. They also ask that public opinion on these sites not be solely collected through online surveys, but also in person at public meetings.

Increased transparency throughout the entire process is requested, including sharing of the programming and uses that drive the design for the new community center.

NEWRA goes on to support Landmarks designation for the existing Nazzaro Center. They oppose the sale of the current building or any other plans that would remove the building and playground from public use.

Read the letter in its entirety below. Click to enlarge.

3 Replies to “Residents’ Association Letter to Mayor Walsh Regarding New Community Center

  1. Thanks for looking out for the community! I hope the mayor’s office listens to it.

    Still surprised they would consider reducing the number of swimming pools.

  2. We fought long and hard to have the facility the corner of Fulton and Ricchmond Street remain a health/ nursing home for our North End residents and others Now they re thinking of using the parking lot next door for the Community Center. This site would bring about increased traffic and noise, especially if outdoor activities are proposed for this site. Even some indoor use would cause noise and discomfort to the nursing home clients. The wharf on Commercial Street would be better choice that would contain all activities in one site.

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