Globe Features Debate Over Nazzaro Center

The Boston Globe’s Milton J. Valencia highlights the ongoing debate regarding a new North End community center and the fate of the existing Nazzaro Center.

The one thing they all seem to agree on is that the North End, one of Boston’s most historic and vibrant neighborhoods, needs a new community center. But the conundrum of where to put it, and more importantly what to do with the old one — a 1900s bath house that became a beacon for immigrants who came to define the neighborhood — has divided this close-knit community and put pressure on Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s administration to resolve the disagreement.

Read the full article at the Globe’s website.

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  1. Thank you Aaron Michelwitz for supporting the Nazzaro and Polcari Park and thank you Mayor Walsh for promising to build the new community center from the capital budget. This means we can turn to solutions now for how best to upgrade the Nazzaro facility for seniors and kids, and look forward to the new basketball court and space we also need in a second location! Join our neighbors signing the support petitions at

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