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Boston Harbor Now’s “Waterfront Wednesdays” Episode One Explains Terms Around Climate Change

Boston Harbor Now’s Director of Policy Jill Valdes Horwood and Director of Planning Alice Brown have started a bi-weekly video blog covering topics related to the harbor.

Their first video, “Learning to Speak Climate Change” demystifies the terminology that gets tossed around regarding climate change. In this informative, five-minute vlog (video blog) Jill and Alice explain the difference between climate and weather, as well as define climate change and global warming.

They then go on to explain the terms we often hear when discussing what the City and the planet should do about our changing environment. These words include sustainability, mitigation and adaptation. Finally, the two discuss resilience – what it means and what are a few Boston Harbor related examples.

Learn more at and follow our coverage of this video series as more episodes are released by searching the tag: Waterfront Wednesdays.