Boston Harbor How’s “Waterfront Wednesdays” Episode 8: Where the Ferries Go

Boston Harbor Now’s Director of Policy Jill Valdes Horwood and Director of Planning Alice Brown host a bi-weekly video blog covering topics related to the harbor. Watch their most recent episode about Boston’s ferry routes below.

In this six-minute vlog, Horwood and Brown discuss the Boston ferry system – where the ferries go, who provides the service, and who makes up the ridership.

Ferries in and around Boston carry passengers to a variety of destinations from places like Hingham, Hull, and Quincy to Long Wharf, Rowes Wharf, Logan Airport, and Charlestown. There are also ferries to / from Salem, Winthrop, and Provincetown. The newest ferry connects passengers between LoveJoy Wharf near North Station and the Seaport. The two also talk about what it takes to keep a ferry system running.

This summer, Brown will be giving four “boats-and-bikes” tours. These aim to encourage people to think of ferries not only as a commuter option, but as a way to explore.

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